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rowid rowid CaseID Opened Closed Updated Status Status_Notes Responsible_Agency Category Request_Type Request_Details Address Street Supervisor_District Neighborhood Police_District Latitude Longitude Point Source Media_URL SF_Find_Neighborhoods Current_Police_Districts Current_Supervisor_Districts Analysis_Neighborhoods :@computed_region_rxqg_mtj9 :@computed_region_yftq_j783 :@computed_region_jx4q_fizf :@computed_region_bh8s_q3mv :@computed_region_p5aj_wyqh :@computed_region_fyvs_ahh9 :@computed_region_f58d_8dbm :@computed_region_9dfj_4gjx :@computed_region_vtsz_7cme :@computed_region_n4xg_c4py :@computed_region_sruu_94in :@computed_region_4isq_27mq :@computed_region_viu7_rrfi :@computed_region_fcz8_est8 :@computed_region_pigm_ib2e :@computed_region_9jxd_iqea :@computed_region_6ezc_tdp2 :@computed_region_6pnf_4xz7 :@computed_region_h4ep_8xdi :@computed_region_nqbw_i6c3 :@computed_region_2dwj_jsy4 :@computed_region_y6ts_4iup Neighborhoods
3315967 3315967 8692446 2018-02-28T23:11:37 2018-04-27T13:24:50 2018-04-27T13:24:50 2 Since implementation of prop e in july sidewalks are being repaired on a block by block basis beginning with locations in the poorest condition. This sidewalk issue has been documented and it will be repaired when the whole block is maintained. bn 1 1 2 Property_damage Intersection of EVANS AVE and END (1000 BLOCK OF) EVANS AVE 10 India Basin BAYVIEW 37.7361219 -122.37636570000001 POINT (-122.3763657 37.7361219) Web 76 2 9 1 8 10 3 58 3 1 1   76   9             2         76
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