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8208 8208 11200936 2019-07-30T11:54:00 2019-10-08T11:55:11 2019-10-08T11:55:11 2 If no cable service interruption, will not prune. If so, call us 5546700. There is no immediate safety issue with the steet tree adjacent to this property so it will be serviced in the next few years. The City has taken over responsibility for the care and maintenance of street trees. Through a program called StreetTreeSF, trees that are in the worst condition are being addressed first and every tree will be addressed following a maintenance schedule that is focused on public safety. Thank you f 1 1 3 Near_communication_line 53 FOOTE AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 94112 FOOTE AVE 11 Outer Mission INGLESIDE 37.713031768799 -122.445457458496 POINT (-122.44545746 37.71303177) Phone   66 9 1 28 6 9 4 28,861 7 25 25   66   1             2         66
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